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Emblem designed by Sarah Daniels.

Emblem designed by Sarah Daniels.


Sarah has played the part of producer, stage manager, and has even delved into the PR and marketing side of things on various productions in the past. She currently holds the title of Artistic Director and Executive Producer at <The Bia Theatre Ensemble>, which since its inception in January of 2018 has put on four productions in New York City (Off-off Broadway), including a festival of short plays by women called “The Found Festival”, a 24-hour play festival, The Vagina Monologues, and Charles L Mee’s Bedtime Stories. Sarah wrote one of the plays for “The Found Festival” and performed in Bedtime Stories.

Sarah produced two one-act operas in the fall of 2013 at the Alchemical Theatre in New York City. The Telephone and La Voix Humaine were on the bill, directed by Ashley Kelly-Tata and Paul Peers respectively. Sarah sang the role of Lucy in this production of The Telephone. This was Sarah’s first time producing.




Sarah’s one-act play The Edge premiered in January of 2018 as a part of "The Found Festival" put on by her theatre company The Bia Theatre Ensemble. It has since been published. See above for links and details.

Sarah writes and doodles a lot, and has filled 61 journals, as well as an indiscernible number of notebooks and sketchbooks.

Occasionally she shares her poetry <here>.



Sarah sometimes sells prints of her film photography on her Etsy page <Precious Rhinestones> if you need some art on your walls. If the shop is empty, she is probably very busy performing—but not to fear! You can <contact> her if you’d like any custom prints or to see what she might have available for sale. She also does photo shoots for local bands, models, and other creative beings. Here's some perusable <photography>.